CIBA Consulting
Fields of practicе

Legal services:

- Corporate law;

- Mergers and acquisitions;

- Intellectual property;

- International trade (International commerce);

- Taxes;

- Dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration support;

- Labour relations;

- Construction;

- Migration;

- Relations with State Authorities;

- Insolvency, bankruptcy and restructurisation;

- Immovable property and land.

Bookkeeping services:

- Organization of accounting;

- Accounting;

- Accounting status analysis;

- Accounting activity planning;

- Account comparison on taxes and other obligatory dues;

- Accounters consulting;

- Elaboration of required Client's internal documents on commercial activity and personnel records;

- Consultations in writing supported by legislation documents;

- Oral consultations on general issues of accounting and taxation;

- Drawing up and applying with reporting documents.

Financial consulting:

- Conducting audit;

- Conducting financial accounting;

- Formation of expert investment policy;

- Improving Client's manageability;

- Introducing procedures of financial control strengthening;

- Improving of Client's activity informativeness.

Investment consulting:

- Elaboration of investment operation structure;

- Elaboration of documents required to conduct investment operation;

- Calculation of financial parameters of operation;

- Preparation of presentation materials and supporting during their presentation;

- Monitoring of investment operation results.