Agricultural Machines & Accessories

FARMACHINE LLC is a partnering company of leading farm machine manufacturers. Konya and Ankara regions are mostly covered in regard to sales. 

Interested in partnerships in Crimea and Ukraine as well as in fulfilling individual requests. 

All the information is provided in catalogues attached.

Contact person:

Mr. Necmi Tekin

Farmachine LLC


T: +90 533 3914303

F: +90 312 473 5202


Feedmachine Catalogue ("pdf", 1.93 Mb)

Feedmachine Offers ("pdf", 545.34 Kb)

Threshing Machines Offer ("pdf", 1.61 Mb)

Threshing Machines Catalogue ("pdf", 1.36 Mb)

Tractor Seat Catalogue ("pdf", 548.62 Kb)

Tractor Seats Offer ("pdf", 1.11 Mb)