Commercial Offers
Турецкая компания предлагает спектр строительных и ремонтных работ

Наша компания еще совсем юна на Крымском полуострове, но не в опыте работы, т.к. наша компания начинала и развивала свою деятельность еще в Турции с группами турецкой компании «AA GRUP». Специализация нашей компании не останавливается лишь на конкретном виде строительства, а охватывает весь спектр строительных и ремонтных работ.

Production and installation of medical device and medical gas system equipments

ÜZÜMCÜ is a middle-sized enterprise performing production and installation of medical device and medical gas system equipments in health sector since 1969. It has ensured its improvement by using advantage of being home production and after sale service and through knowledge and skills (technical know-how) formed in time. ÜZÜMCÜ that closely follows change and development has become a trademark called with quality and reliance.

World Leading Water Filtering System

The world leading eSpring™ Water Filtering System Distributor is looking for partnership in Ukraine & CIS. Individual or wholesale volumes are possible for sale throughout Ukraine and CIS.

Paint Producer is Looking for a Partner

One of the Leading paint producers in Turkey is expanding and looking for a partner to drive their sales in CIS and Ukraine including. Company's production capacity, product quality and sales team client orientation would definitely be an advantage for their local Ukrainian & CIS partner. Shall you be interested, please contact manufacturer directly, details attached. CIBA partners are eligible for good discounts within the manufacturer, please contact our office for greater detail -

Window & Door Profiles Manufacturer

The perfect profiles, which are developed by experienced Turkish and Austrian engineers with a deep and careful investigation, are produced in the factory using high-tech machinery and professional persons keeping up with the standards in every step of the production in Trabzon Industrial Zone.

Laundry Plant Sale

Capacity: 10 tons per day. Lines of washing clothes and bed linen. There is a line with the functions of drying, ironing, packing and packaging of 400 pieces / hour. Can be used for maintenance of hospitals, hotels, boarding schools etc. Total prrice is 110 000 EUR. Details -