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  World Islamic Economic Forum has started its work in London

To participate in forum being held under a slogan “Changing world: new relations” 12 state leaders (primarily Islamic) have come to the British capital. Among them are Prime Minister of Malaysia and honoured head of WIEF Nadjib Razak, king of Jordan Abdalla II, Prime Minister of Pakistan Navaz Sharif, and President of Afghanistan Khamid Karzay.

The forum that shall last for three days has a number of participants around 1500 persons including almost all heads of Central Banks of Islamic countries. Agenda of the event consists of the issues of economic development of Islamic countries and their place in the world economic, as reported by ITAR-TASS.

“The work shall be focused on the wide topics – trade, finances, Islamic finances, development issues, - as stated by one of the organizers of the current meeting Richard Webster-Smith. – The participants shall also discuss the issue of relations between the Great Britain, London Citi and Islamic business world”.

During long time, London was trying to organize locally the World Islamic Economic Forum in order to try to become a leading world center on the work with financial markets of Islamic countries.

World Islamic Economic Forum has been founded in autumn 2003 in Malaysia. It has unofficial name – “Islamic Davos”.

Source: http://rus.ruvr.ru/news/2013_10_29/Vsemirnij-islamskij-jekonomicheskij-forum-nachal-rabotu-v-Londone-0609/