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  Head of CIBA Committee Mekhti Islamov became Honoured jeweler of international class


On 14-19 of November in "KievExpoPlaza" exhibition center a "Jeweler Expo Ukraine" exhibition has been held. Ukrainian and foreign key manufacturers have participated the exhibition.

One of the milestone events of exhibition was the grand ceremony of awarding of the best jewelers of Ukraine with awards of International Memorial Fund of Carl Fabergé held on 16 of November 2013.

Twenty best jewelers of the country have been awarded with the orders and honor badges of honor. Among them is a famous Crimean jeweler, General Manager of "Dulber" jewelry company, Head of the Committee on precious metals and jewelry Mekhti Islamov.

Mekhti Islamov has been awarded with the Order of the second grade and title of "Honored jeweler of international class". It is worth to mention that there are only 8 people in the world awarded by the same kind of order.

As it is well known, the Order of second grade is awarded for considerable contribution to decorative art, preservation of world cultural heritage.

M. Islamov

Furthermore, within a framework of awarding ceremony Mekhti Islamov has been awarded with a badge "Honorable jeweler of Muslim world".

"Such an orders were awarded in the times of imperial Russia. It is especially pleasurable that this order goes under number 001 - this certifies and I am first Muslim jeweler in the world awarded with such a title" - noted Mekhti Islamov.

On behalf of Crimean International Business Association we congratulate sincerely Mekhti Bey on occasion of new achievements. We wish interesting ideas and professional merits. Let the number of honor awards increase each year!

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